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Q: How to call via callcheap?
A: There are 3 ways. If you don't want to register, you can use our callthrough numbers and call abroad at reasonable rates. If you want to make use of the lowest rates possible then you should sign up. After registering, you can make calls on a pay-as-you-go basis using landline access numbers or Voice-over-IP / SIP (we recommend the free Zoiper softphone). You can also sign up for an unlimited calling plan or a minutes pack which allows you to save even more money.

Q: Hm, until November 2014 you were offering free calls to 40+ countries. What happened?
A: Well, it was fun while it lasted, and we were the last remaining service in Germany to offer free calls abroad, but that time is over unfortunately due to change in regulations. :-( We still offer free calls via callthrough, but only to a single destination: United States toll-free numbers (+1800, +1888 etc.).

Q: Once I've signed up, how can I add credit?
A: Currently you can pay via PayPal, bank transfer, SOFORT Überweisung (instant bank transfer), cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. We're constantly adding additional payment methods.

Q: Callthrough: How can I dial a number automatically?
A: Manually entering the number of the callee every time is time-consuming and annoying. Therefore, just dial out directly from your phonebook with a small trick: simply enter a pause sign (p) between our access number and the number of the callee. For example, on a Nokia mobile you would save a toll-free number in the United States (+1800) like this: 06994329170p001800123456 and voilà - call like you're used to but route the call through our cheap or free access numbers.

Q: Callthrough: How can I dial another number without hanging up?
A: Just hit the star key (*).